Cometh to Me #poem

A poem written by me February 3, 1998 (I was 16 years old).

Sweet raven flying
high above
you taketh my
cometh back with
my heart

Sweet raven towering
higher, higher
farther, farther
away from me
cometh back with
my soul

Cometh to me
sweet raven
and we’ll start
all over again
the clouds, thunder
and rain
will fly away

Cometh with my
heart and soul
that you have
taketh away

Without faith
there is no love
without hope
the heart would break

Sweet raven have
faith and hope
in us, cometh
to me with your heart.



Working mom VS SAHM VS WAHM – Who’s life is busier?

Work at home moms, stay at home moms, and working moms I have a question for you.

Can we call a truce?

Can we stop comparing our lives trying to decide who’s life is harder?

If you are a working mom, then you have a lot on your plate; getting everyone ready in the morning (including yourself), dropping kids off to child care or school, arrive at work on time, work 8 hours or even more, get the kids, make supper, do homework, do chores, etc…You have a lot going on!

Work from home moms don’t feel left out. You have a lot on your plate too! Child care and everything that entails and somehow finding time to work. No morning break, no lunch break. You are never alone and probably don’t even get to pee alone.

Some may think stay at home moms have it made. They “JUST” have to take care of the kids…right?  WRONG. Stay at home moms have it just as hard as working moms and work at home moms. They may not be trying to work and be a mom, but they have challenges of their own. Stay at home moms might feel like they are losing themselves. I know a lot of SAHMs and many are tired, worn out, and feel like they are in charge of everything. Like WAHMs, they don’t get breaks. Having the kids home all day means they are making a mess all day, and the SAHMs are following behind trying to keep their house looking half decent in case someone pops by.

When a working mom posts about how much she loves her job she is NOT trying to make any of the stay at home moms or work at home moms feel bad about their life choice. She is just freaking happy about her job!

When a work at home mom talks about how much she loves being able to work around her families schedule from home she is NOT trying to make working moms feel guilty for working outside the home, and she is not trying to make stay at home moms feel guilty about not working at home. She’s happy about her life!

When a stay at home mom posts pictures on Facebook of the craft she did with her kids today she is not trying to make any other moms feel guilty that they are not doing crafts. She is also not trying to make working moms or work at home moms feel guilty for working. She has made the choice to be a stay at home mom and be with her kids. That’s it man.


Being a mom is HARD. Period.

Can we please stop comparing our lives? WHY is there competition to see who has the busiest life?

We all worry about our kids. We are all busy. Most of us are tired, and stressed out. Working outside the home, or working at home, or not working a job at all, does NOT DEFINE what kind of mother you are or how busy your life is!

Spread the LOVE moms. You’re doing a great job 😉

What Scares You the Most?

Scary: causing fear

According to the first known use of the word scary was in 1582. That’s 433 years of humans knowing the name for that feeling of being frightened, terrified, alarmed, horrified, or shocked.

What causes chills up your spine and the hair on the back of your neck to stand up?  What keeps you awake at night?

I’m currently writing a scary short story for a writing contest called “I Made the Darkness” and I’ve been spending this week thinking about all the things that scare me. I’ve always liked scary movies and books, so I’ve been reminiscing about all the scariest movies I’ve seen and books I’ve read.

I remember when I was about 8 years old and I watched The Last Unicorn and was frightened of the Mommy Fortuna character. She is quite a terrifying character for a cartoon. The Exorcist is definitely in my top 10 scariest movies. Along with The Ring, It, The Blair Witch Project, and Poltergeist.

When I was around 12 or 13 years old I read The Amityville Horror – only during the day though. HAHA! I’ve read a lot of Stephen King’s books. Some of the scariest books I’ve read are Cujo, Pet Sematary, Thinner, and of course the work of Edgar Allan Poe.

How about you? What are the scariest movies you’ve seen or books you’ve read? What are your biggest fears?

Are you doing what you were meant to do in this lifetime?

Have you ever had one those days that feel like your life has just changed?  Today was one of those days for me.

Do you believe in fate? Or Destiny?  Do you believe that we all have a purpose?  Have you ever felt like what you were doing, even if it’s a good thing, for some reason just isn’t feeling right anymore? (or never did).

I have been writing for pretty much my entire life.  I have kept journals since I was 8 years old.  I have written many short stories, poems, songs, research papers, and it has always filled me with joy.  Having a published novel has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember.  It has never been about getting rich and famous – instead, I really want to get my work out there so I can help others in some way.  Whether I can make you smile, or laugh, or cry, or find self confidence, or love yourself more – that would mean more to me than a big paycheck.

I have recently made the decision that it’s time to finish at least one of my novels and put my work out there.  The idea of someone else reading my work has given me so much anxiety for the past 2 decades that it stopped me from starting.  But this strong sense of CHANGE has taken over the FEAR.  I cannot avoid it any longer.  I feel like I must write, I must put my work out there.

So why is today a LIFE CHANGING day for me?  Well, I had a Career Intuitive Coaching session with Holly Reine-Skinner today.  Her contact info will be posted at the end of this post.  I found out that my TAURUS 7 PATH means I like to study psychology, astronomy, physics, geology, biology, and spirituality. She said I’ll be a great science writer(coincidentally enough I have a couple science-inspired novels started), and your photography will capture the essence of things. Holly also said I will teach others my knowledge – and teaching has always been a passion of mine. As Holly was telling me these things I had goosebumps.  As a Taurus I am practical and strong-willed.  Intuitively, she felt like I enjoyed helping people who may be different.  That was bang on.  I have always felt the need to help those who feel left out.  She also was able to sense that I enjoy laughter, and like to be joyous and not too serious.

I have often felt like two people lived in my brain.  One was practical and sometimes serious, and the other was fun-loving who loved to be silly and make others laugh.  Many times, I act one way with particular people, never showing the other side of myself.  I was conscious of this, and felt like I wasn’t being true to myself.  I now realize I can be both.  I can be joyous and fun, and still be practical and taken seriously.

Holly explained that there is a 9 year life cycle, and everyone goes through this  cycle, but we may be on different years of that cycle. I am currently on year 5, which is a year for expansion, investigating new opportunities, and making room for new things to happen in my life.  Coincidentally, I had just made the decision recently to step back from my home business that I’ve been focused on for 7 years, and make some time for writing.

When she explained more about Saturn return and how it is a time when people experience a shift in their life around the age of 27-30 I was quite surprised.  My first child was born when I was 26, I started my home business when I was 27, I had my second child when I was 28.  I definitely experienced a huge shift in my life during those years. Numerology is truly quite fascinating and I’ll be definitely doing more learning, reading, and posting about it.

You may be among the unhappy people, who have lost their way because your life is not lined up with your true purpose.  I know I have felt that way.  I feel as if I am re-aligning my thoughts and my actions to my true purpose, and I tell ya – it feels great!  So, let me ask you this:  Are you doing what you were meant to do in this lifetime?

Contact Holly Skinner

Hello world!

This is my first post on this blog!  Hip hip hooray!  I have recently decided to finally get back to my first love – writing!  I am the girl who has kept journals since she was 8.  That’s a lot of journals 😉

I am on a mission to hone my writing skills, put some work out there that will make you laugh, or cry, or run and hide under the covers.  I have a goal to finish one of the novels I have started – and get published!  I’m excited to share this journey with you 🙂

Till next time!  Keep reading =)