Are you doing what you were meant to do in this lifetime?

Have you ever had one those days that feel like your life has just changed?  Today was one of those days for me.

Do you believe in fate? Or Destiny?  Do you believe that we all have a purpose?  Have you ever felt like what you were doing, even if it’s a good thing, for some reason just isn’t feeling right anymore? (or never did).

I have been writing for pretty much my entire life.  I have kept journals since I was 8 years old.  I have written many short stories, poems, songs, research papers, and it has always filled me with joy.  Having a published novel has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember.  It has never been about getting rich and famous – instead, I really want to get my work out there so I can help others in some way.  Whether I can make you smile, or laugh, or cry, or find self confidence, or love yourself more – that would mean more to me than a big paycheck.

I have recently made the decision that it’s time to finish at least one of my novels and put my work out there.  The idea of someone else reading my work has given me so much anxiety for the past 2 decades that it stopped me from starting.  But this strong sense of CHANGE has taken over the FEAR.  I cannot avoid it any longer.  I feel like I must write, I must put my work out there.

So why is today a LIFE CHANGING day for me?  Well, I had a Career Intuitive Coaching session with Holly Reine-Skinner today.  Her contact info will be posted at the end of this post.  I found out that my TAURUS 7 PATH means I like to study psychology, astronomy, physics, geology, biology, and spirituality. She said I’ll be a great science writer(coincidentally enough I have a couple science-inspired novels started), and your photography will capture the essence of things. Holly also said I will teach others my knowledge – and teaching has always been a passion of mine. As Holly was telling me these things I had goosebumps.  As a Taurus I am practical and strong-willed.  Intuitively, she felt like I enjoyed helping people who may be different.  That was bang on.  I have always felt the need to help those who feel left out.  She also was able to sense that I enjoy laughter, and like to be joyous and not too serious.

I have often felt like two people lived in my brain.  One was practical and sometimes serious, and the other was fun-loving who loved to be silly and make others laugh.  Many times, I act one way with particular people, never showing the other side of myself.  I was conscious of this, and felt like I wasn’t being true to myself.  I now realize I can be both.  I can be joyous and fun, and still be practical and taken seriously.

Holly explained that there is a 9 year life cycle, and everyone goes through this  cycle, but we may be on different years of that cycle. I am currently on year 5, which is a year for expansion, investigating new opportunities, and making room for new things to happen in my life.  Coincidentally, I had just made the decision recently to step back from my home business that I’ve been focused on for 7 years, and make some time for writing.

When she explained more about Saturn return and how it is a time when people experience a shift in their life around the age of 27-30 I was quite surprised.  My first child was born when I was 26, I started my home business when I was 27, I had my second child when I was 28.  I definitely experienced a huge shift in my life during those years. Numerology is truly quite fascinating and I’ll be definitely doing more learning, reading, and posting about it.

You may be among the unhappy people, who have lost their way because your life is not lined up with your true purpose.  I know I have felt that way.  I feel as if I am re-aligning my thoughts and my actions to my true purpose, and I tell ya – it feels great!  So, let me ask you this:  Are you doing what you were meant to do in this lifetime?

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