Working mom VS SAHM VS WAHM – Who’s life is busier?

Work at home moms, stay at home moms, and working moms I have a question for you.

Can we call a truce?

Can we stop comparing our lives trying to decide who’s life is harder?

If you are a working mom, then you have a lot on your plate; getting everyone ready in the morning (including yourself), dropping kids off to child care or school, arrive at work on time, work 8 hours or even more, get the kids, make supper, do homework, do chores, etc…You have a lot going on!

Work from home moms don’t feel left out. You have a lot on your plate too! Child care and everything that entails and somehow finding time to work. No morning break, no lunch break. You are never alone and probably don’t even get to pee alone.

Some may think stay at home moms have it made. They “JUST” have to take care of the kids…right?  WRONG. Stay at home moms have it just as hard as working moms and work at home moms. They may not be trying to work and be a mom, but they have challenges of their own. Stay at home moms might feel like they are losing themselves. I know a lot of SAHMs and many are tired, worn out, and feel like they are in charge of everything. Like WAHMs, they don’t get breaks. Having the kids home all day means they are making a mess all day, and the SAHMs are following behind trying to keep their house looking half decent in case someone pops by.

When a working mom posts about how much she loves her job she is NOT trying to make any of the stay at home moms or work at home moms feel bad about their life choice. She is just freaking happy about her job!

When a work at home mom talks about how much she loves being able to work around her families schedule from home she is NOT trying to make working moms feel guilty for working outside the home, and she is not trying to make stay at home moms feel guilty about not working at home. She’s happy about her life!

When a stay at home mom posts pictures on Facebook of the craft she did with her kids today she is not trying to make any other moms feel guilty that they are not doing crafts. She is also not trying to make working moms or work at home moms feel guilty for working. She has made the choice to be a stay at home mom and be with her kids. That’s it man.


Being a mom is HARD. Period.

Can we please stop comparing our lives? WHY is there competition to see who has the busiest life?

We all worry about our kids. We are all busy. Most of us are tired, and stressed out. Working outside the home, or working at home, or not working a job at all, does NOT DEFINE what kind of mother you are or how busy your life is!

Spread the LOVE moms. You’re doing a great job 😉


5 thoughts on “Working mom VS SAHM VS WAHM – Who’s life is busier?

  1. I work part time and I have 7 children. I often wish I could stay at home, maybe those few extra hours would let me get more done around the house. But I really enjoy that time away. I need my little vacation to keep my sanity.


    • Some may think that being a stay at home mom would give you extra time, but it doesn’t really. You end up doing more cleaning if kids are home, or volunteering at the school, help care for elderly, spend more time meal planning and cooking to help the family save money, watching other children…SAHM help pick up that extra work that someone needs to do – the only difference is they don’t usually get paid for it.

      You don’t need to explain why you work outside the home. You can say “I really enjoy my time away” and not feel guilty, you don’t need to use the “but”. Be proud of what you do as a working mom. No mom guilt 🙂

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  2. Yep, biggest misunderstanding, its hard work for all parents, even my husband is crazy busy. i managed to con him into getting our son ready in the morning… sush its my secret 😉 I think the key is realizing everyone copes differently, everyone has something that works for them, and judging others makes us a lesser person.

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  3. Yes! I’ve done the working single mom, the only working spouse mom, and I’ve done the SAHM with various attempts at WAHM… I’ve done just about all of it I guess, LOL! And you know what? No matter what I did, it was still stressful, still hard, and still worth every little kiss, and every little hug, and every single sacrifice. Parents forget that kids are always watching, even when they get older. If you want the bullying in schools to stop? Start at home! Thanks for posting this Amanda!

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