Did you ever love someone? #poem

Did you ever Love Someone?

Did you ever
Love someone,
But you knew
They didn’t care?

Did you ever feel
Like crying,
But you knew
You’d get nowhere?

Do you look
Into their hearts
And wish that
You were there?

Did you watch them walk away,
Not wanting them to go.
Whispering, “I love you,”
But you never let them know?

You cry all night in misery,
You almost go insane.
There’s nothing in this whole wide world
That causes so much pain.

If I could choose between love and death,
I think I’d rather die.
Love is fun, but it hurts so much,
The price you pay is high.

So, I say, don’t fall in love.
You’ll get hurt before it’s through.
You see, my friend, I ought to know,
Because I fell in love with you.

Written by Amanda Drover-Hartwick


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