The Crash #poem

Here is another poem I wrote back in high school.

The Crash

She says, “Hello?”
As she picks up the phone
He asks to go for a ride
She hangs up, and gets ready to go

The headlights approaching
Then the car slows
Hear the horn sound
As the paths painted white
Drive out of sight
With the winds raging

Twists and turns
A wicked roller-coaster ride
The screeching metal
Brakes stamped on
Because a drunk ran a red light

Red splashed on white
Fear splashed on safe
Agony in place of love
The screams and the tears
Take over the night
As minutes become years

He awakes to bright lights
The hum of machines
His loved ones watching
Except his angel

“Where is my angel?
The one that I love
Tell me she’s alright.”
Pain passes through him
Right through his heart

“Oh honey, sweetheart,
The crash was so bad.
She’s a true angel now.
My son,
She’s passed.”

Shock blazed through him
It could not be true
The fire of heart, put out
Turned cold
How can he go on
Without her?

The night came again
As he drifted to sleep
She slipped in, and whispered in his ear
“Don’t ever forget my
Love for you.
Keep me in heart,
But try and move on
As I watch over you.”

Written by Amanda Drover-Hartwick


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