Sinister Abode: Part 2

This is Part 2 of a short story I wrote called Sinister Abode. You can find Part 1 here:   "I must be losing my mind. My forearm is stinging and red from pinching myself so many times. The baby is crying louder. PLEASE don’t make me go into that house. I hate old … Continue reading Sinister Abode: Part 2


Sinister Abode Part 1

I wrote a short story called Sinister Abode, for a writing contest a few months ago, after making the decision to get back to writing. It is my first piece of writing in over two decades other than my journals. Here is Part 1. "Sinister Abode" By Amanda Drover-Hartwick "Sleep slowly fades away and almost … Continue reading Sinister Abode Part 1

Book Review: Motherhood by Lindsey Williams

Motherhood, a novella written by Lindsey Williams, successfully portrays the personal growth, and turmoil, one undergoes when becoming a mother, but in a hellish, stuck on an alien ship, way. Be warned, there are fictitious, squeamish events, that may be triggering for some people. Jess Richards wakes up in a 10' x 10' steel room … Continue reading Book Review: Motherhood by Lindsey Williams