Book Review: Motherhood by Lindsey Williams

Motherhood, a novella written by Lindsey Williams, successfully portrays the personal growth, and turmoil, one undergoes when becoming a mother, but in a hellish, stuck on an alien ship, way. Be warned, there are fictitious, squeamish events, that may be triggering for some people.

Motherhood by Lindsey Williams

Jess Richards wakes up in a 10′ x 10′ steel room with no memory of how she got there. The idea of being in a room with no visible doors or windows was scary on its own, learning that she was obducted by “dirtbags in a costume”, was even more terrifying. Finding out they were indeed dirtbags, but not human, was the ultimate level of terror for me. Seven foot tall aliens with hairless silvery-beige bark-like skin, eyes with no pupils, and a piggish-type nose. Sound creepy yet? Well, when you find out why she’s there, and what they are doing, you’ll feel even more squeamish.

One of my favorite sentences from Motherhood is, “She snickered, this turning into a self-deprecating nervous sort of laughter that died a swift and awkward death, as the stark reality of her situation took root.” Oh ya, don’t you just love that? I love how the author, Lindsey Williams, writes in a gritty way. Jess is a confident, intelligent, witty, sarcastic woman, who loves to take charge, and swear a lot.

This story spurs some interesting questions to ask oneself. If you’ve gone through an incredibly painful, and emotionally stressful experience, is it better to survive remembering every thing that happened? Or would you rather have your memory erased?

This was a fast, page-turning read for me. I would love to know what happens next!

You can find Motherhood on Amazon


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