100 Years into the Future

The novel I am working on takes place 100 years in the future. Have you ever stopped to wonder what life will be like in the future? My grandchildren will hopefully still be alive in 100 years (that is once my kids grow up and have children). I often wonder what will their life be like. Earth has drastically changed the past 100 years. Heck, our lives have drastically changed the past two decades for that matter.

When I was kid we didn’t have the internet, and I’m only 34. Well, the internet was out there but I didn’t gain access or knowledge of it until my early teens. Nowadays, if we aren’t connected to Wifi or an internet source we feel cut-off from the world. We panic when we go to the store and forget our cell phone. “What if something happens?”

What have these changes done to us, as a society? What will our culture be like in 100 years?

Some things are certain: Ocean levels will rise, coastlines will be transformed, many animals will be extinct.But there are still so many other things to wonder about.

What gadgets will we invent? Will someone have a time traveling machine created? Will we have a colony living on Mars? What will we LOOK LIKE? Which genetic traits will be phased out?

Thinking of the grand scheme of things truly makes one quite humble, and helps to put things into perspective.


Book Review: Revival by Stephen King

The word revival has many meanings – restoration to life, an awakening, in a church or community, an evangelistic service or a series of services for the purpose of effecting a religious awakening – all of which can be found in this novel written by Stephen King. I finished reading it while on a flight from St.John’s, Newfoundland to Toronto, Ontario. The twist at the end caught me completely off-guard, and I had to remind myself to close my mouth and be aware that the people around me are probably getting quite a kick out of my facial expressions.

We meet Jamie Morton as a boy, and the Reverend Charles Jacobs as a young man who moves to Harlow, Maine, and follow them throughout five decades. The time passes quickly while reading, as it does in real life. Jamie and Charles battle their addictions, and question what happens to us after we die. Charles’ curiosity and imagination was disturbing, yet quite refreshing and surprisingly easy to relate to.

My heart ached for Jamie and Charles. Throughout their losses and struggles, life kept bringing them together. Even though I felt for them, and rooted for their success, I still felt angry and confused by some of their decisions. Would I really put it all on the line in order to save a high school sweetheart? If I was given the opportunity to see what happens after we die, would I take it?

No matter how outlandish King’s stories may seem, they are always rooted in truth. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an open mind about religion, and heaven. There are parts that will blow open your imagination, leaving your mouth gaping – be sure to read it alone if you don’t want those around you staring. 🙂

Read more about Revival on Stephen King’s website

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Inside Out

Inside Out is one of my favourite children’s movies. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust are the characters driving Riley’s personality, and decisions. Our core memories power our personality. Even though this idea seems serious, the movie is truly funny, and I found myself laughing out loud every time I watch it. Here is one scene that makes me giggle:

Sadness: “You’ll get lost in there.”

Joy: “Think positive!”

Sadness: “I’m positive you’ll get lost in there.”  HAHA 🙂

Watching this movie made me think about my own core memories that drive my decisions and personality. How about you? Do you know what core memories drive your emotions?

The lesson learned is that we don’t have just one emotion. We have many, who work alongside our core memories to create our personality and reactions. Also, our core memories change as we grow up and reach certain milestones.

From what I have heard and read online, there is no sequel planned, however, I would love to see a second movie when Riley becomes a teenager, or, even a whole new main character experiencing their own milestone.  Two thumbs up!


Book Review: Winter by Marissa Meyer

Winter written by Marissa Meyer is the conclusion of the bestselling series “The Lunar Chronicles”. Princess Winter despises her stepmother, Queen Levana. She teams up with the cyborg Princess Cinder and her allies, to attempt to defeat Levana and return Cinder, the rightful heir, to the throne of Luna.

The story picks up with Winter, in the city of Artemisia, on Luna.

This is a story of courage, resilience, friendship, good vs evil, love, family. It’s a page turner, and has a good pace. I liked that the heroin’s story was not completely focused on being with “the love of her life”.

Will they be able to save Scarlet? Will Winter tell Jacin how she feels? Will they overthrow Levana? Will Thorne get his sight back?