100 Years into the Future

The novel I am working on takes place 100 years in the future. Have you ever stopped to wonder what life will be like in the future? My grandchildren will hopefully still be alive in 100 years (that is once my kids grow up and have children). I often wonder what will their life be like. Earth has drastically changed the past 100 years. Heck, our lives have drastically changed the past two decades for that matter.

When I was kid we didn’t have the internet, and I’m only 34. Well, the internet was out there but I didn’t gain access or knowledge of it until my early teens. Nowadays, if we aren’t connected to Wifi or an internet source we feel cut-off from the world. We panic when we go to the store and forget our cell phone. “What if something happens?”

What have these changes done to us, as a society? What will our culture be like in 100 years?

Some things are certain: Ocean levels will rise, coastlines will be transformed, many animals will be extinct.But there are still so many other things to wonder about.

What gadgets will we invent? Will someone have a time traveling machine created? Will we have a colony living on Mars? What will we LOOK LIKE? Which genetic traits will be phased out?

Thinking of the grand scheme of things truly makes one quite humble, and helps to put things into perspective.


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