The Perfect Woman…Part Two

After supper Grandma Fay invited Brittany to come look at picture albums over tea while Uther and Elizabeth washed up the dishes.

“Your Dad is a good man Brittany”, Grandma sighed as she sat down next to me on the couch.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Uther has always helped your mom with the household chores that many men consider a woman’s job. He respects her, and encourages her work, striving for equality for women.”

Brittany looked away, thinking of her father in a new way.

“Here, look at this picture of your mom when she was little. And that, is my mother, your Great-Grandmother Gabrielle,” Grandma Fay said with a smile on her face.

No matter how many times she saw a picture of her mother when she was younger, Brittany was always surprised at how much she resembled her. In fact, all of the women on her mother’s side looked a lot alike.

“Your Great-Grandmother Gabrielle also tried to improve equality for women. Her mother, Scarlett, told Gabrielle all about Scarlett’s mother, Holly, who was one of the survivors of that institute that was shut down, and that motivated her to want to help and improve the lives of women.”

Brittany glanced at her Grandma Fay, “What institute?”

“Oh yes”, Fay nodding her head, “You are too young to know the story of the institute.”

perfect woman institute

Just then Brittany’s parents walked in. “What are you two talking about?” her mom said and she plopped down on the couch next to Brittany.

Fay quickly said, “Nothing”, giving Brittany that don’t-tell-them-what-we-were-talking-about look. Brittany smiled.

Her dad laughed, “So, do you have everything you need for your first day of school?”

Brittany let out a loud sigh. “Please Dad, don’t remind me. I don’t have any friends, I don’t know my way around the school, and I don’t know any of the teachers either. Going to a new school really sucks.”

Elizabeth jumped up. “How about we make cookies then?”

Brittany laughed. That was her mom’s way of fixing everything – cookies.

To be Continued…

Written by Amanda Drover-Hartwick

The Perfect Woman…Part One


The Perfect Woman…Part One

Brittany stared off into space eating her cereal wondering if she could live with Aunt Mary instead of moving to the country.

“Brittany let’s go, eat up, we want to get on the road A.S.A.P”, her Mom called out as she was coming down the stairs. She walked into the kitchen, glanced at Brittany and snapped her fingers. “Brittany? Hello? Anyone home?”

“Well, Mom, I’m home for now but you’re making me leave the only home I’ve ever known.” Brittany rolled her eyes. Her parents were really happy to finally be leaving the city, moving to the country, but, Brittany had been miserable for the past couple of months.

“Oh Brittany, don’t be melodramatic.”

Her dad walked in looking frazzled. “Has anyone seen my cell phone? I can’t find it anywhere.”

Without missing a beat her mom walked to the living room, grabbed his phone, and held it out to him. “Honestly, Uther you’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached.” She gave him a sly grin and he slapped her butt.

“Daaaaad.” Brittany whined.

“Sorry sweetie pie, your Mom is just so beautiful. Elizabeth Radford, I would marry you all over again today and every day if I could.”

Brittany pointed her finger in her mouth, “Gag me.”

The next thing she knew, Brittany was in the back seat of the van with all of her belongings packed up in the moving truck behind them. As they pulled away she turned around to look at their home for one last time. The scowl on her face melted as tears started rolling down her face.


After an entire day of driving and stopping a couple times for a break, they finally saw the sign for Rogue’s Hallow. Uther turned off the main road onto a dirt road and they arrived at their new house. Grandma was standing on the porch waving. Brittany couldn’t help but smile.

To be continued…

Written by Amanda Drover-Hartwick

The Perfect Woman…Part Two

The Perfect Woman…Part 3