The Perfect Woman…Part 6

Brittany quickly walked to the end of the corridor discovering a room filled with bunk beds. This is where Holly and all the other girls must have slept. She was determined to walk straight to the window, flash her light three times, turn around and high tail it out of there, but found herself being drawn to a bunk on the left hand side of the room. Following her instincts she walked over to a bunk and without thinking put her hand under the mattress pulling out a book. It was a diary, the name on the first page said Holly Keane. She stood up, walked to the window, flashed her light three times, turned around and walked as fast as she could to the front doors. The sound of foot steps behind her made her break into a full run. Stumbling out of the doors, she fell on the ground panting. Xandra, Chloe, and Willow came running over.

“You are the bravest person I have ever met Brittany,” Xandra actually sounded sincere. “I’m so sorry I made you do that. I lied, we never went in. There is no way I would go in there. What do you have in your hand?”

Brittany looked down at the diary, “It’s my great-great-great grandmother’s diary. I found it in there.”

The other three girls gasped, their hands covering their mouths.

Brittany flipped through the pages and stopped midway through the book. She read aloud, “Tobias raped me today. They don’t let us call it rape, but that’s what it was. I am broken, and have lost all hope. So many girls have disappeared. They tell us they left, but we know better.”

All four girls were crying. Chloe took Brittany’s hand, “Brittany, no wonder you are such a strong woman.”

Brittany flipped to the last entry, and read aloud, “I haven’t had my period since I was raped three months ago. I think I am pregnant. I am determined to get out of here alive and raise my beautiful baby without that horrible man, the leader of the cult, Tobias Quaker.”

Xandra let out a cry and stared at Brittany wide-eyed. Chloe and Willow gasped. Brittany was confused. “Do you know Tobias?”

In a small, shaky voice, Xandra said, “My last name is Quaker.”


Written by Amanda Drover-Hartwick

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