Book Review: Fighting For Tara

Book Review: Fighting For Tara by Sunanda Chatterjee

At first glance, Fighting For Tara’s beautiful cover art shows a heart locket, and for me that implied I would be reading a story about love and secrets. I was certainly not led astray. As a mother myself, the back cover blurb tugged at my heart-strings, making me want to find out more about Hansa and Tara’s story.

Fighting For Tara is a story showing that no matter what your culture, geographical location, education, or up-bringing, motherhood is always a unique and challenging experience. We meet Hansa as she makes the decision to save her baby’s life by leaving her village. She finds herself moving to America, living with a couple, and her baby Tara. All is well, until secrets can remain secrets no more.

After the first chapter broke my heart, I found myself holding my breath throughout quite a few tense scenes, especially when baby Tara got sick, and when Vikram figured out Hansa’s secret.

As a whole, Fighting for Tara taught me quite a bit about Jehovah Witnesses, brought up many conflicts of moral issues, which highlighted the fact that nothing is truly black and white. There were times I found Hansa annoyingly immature, but I was always urging her to keep moving forward. As a mother, I identified with her own motherhood challenges, and I can see myself making the same decisions she did.

My favourite character was Wolf. I’ve thought about this for a long time, and have tried to figure out why he is my favourite character, but to be honest, I’m not quite sure.

I wouldn’t classify this novel as a page-turner, but it certainly kept me interested, and guessing up to the end.

If you like a drama about motherhood struggles, the strength of friendship, challenges of loyalty, with a little clashing of cultures and religion thrown in with some love and secrets, then this is a one you would enjoy.

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