Book Review: Spoiler-Free: Stars Above by Marissa Meyer


When Cinder (book one of Lunar Chronicles) was published I heard a lot of buzz and friends sharing how much they loved it, however, a cyborg Cinderella story did not appeal to me in the least bit. I was part of a local book club at the time – who chose to read Cinder. I put it off all month long, then finally picked it up a couple days before our meeting, so I would at least have given it a shot. I powered through that book faster than I’ve ever read anything. I couldn’t put it down. I love the way Meyer crafts her stories, and characters. I found myself frustrated with character’s flaws but then at the same time cheering for them to succeed. Which is exactly how a reader should feel in my opinion – a delicate push/pull, love/hate relationship with the characters – as you would with people in “real life”.

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer is a must-read for any Lunar Chronicles fan. It’s a wonderful collection of nine short stories about the main characters from the series.

Story #1 The Keeper: shares Michelle’s story: Scarlet’s grandmother who helped to take care of Princess Selene after the fire.

Story #2 Glitches: Takes us back to when Cinder first met Garan’s family, Adri, Peony, Pearl, and Iko. Cinder is still getting used to her new cyborg body and brain.

Story #3: The Queen’s Army: Heartbreaking story of when Ze’ev is taken from his family in order to receive training and physical modifications to become Wolf. We also get to meet Wolf’s brother, Ran.

Story #4: Carwell’s Guide to Being Lucky: In this story we get a glimpse back in time to when Carswell was a teenager in school, swindling for money as usual – but always for a good cause.

Story #5: After Sunshine Passes By: The story of little Crescent Moon as a nine year old girl made me cry.

Story #6: The Princess and The Guard: Follows Winter from when she is a six year old girl playing with her best friend Jacin. We get to learn of the moments which motivated her to stop using her power.

Story #7: The Little Android: An interesting story about Mech6.0, who while working to repair airships, saves Dataran, gets a new escort-droid body from Cinder.

Story #8: The Mechanic: I quite enjoyed this one. We get to see Prince Kai’s side of the story when he brings Nainsi, his droid, to the best mechanic around – Cinder.

Story #9: Something old, Something new: A wedding 😉

To learn more about The Lunar Chronicles check out the author’s website



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