Emojiathon Wrap-Up 👬🎁❤️️😍

Emojiathon is a read-a-thon that took place throughout the month of February. There was a bunch of categories for this one - choose one or as many as you'd like! One book can satisfy more than one category (emoji). 😀📕 In February I read Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth. 👬 has a marginalized group … Continue reading Emojiathon Wrap-Up 👬🎁❤️️😍


Books Of The Academy Awards #Oscars2017

Many Oscar nominees for 2017 began as a good book, or short story. Here is a list of books which inspired the Academy Award nominated work for this year.   Arrival is based on a 1998 short story called "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang The film Fences is based on the play Fences written … Continue reading Books Of The Academy Awards #Oscars2017