word-less for 13 days

I simply cannot believe it’s been 13 days since I published a blog post! The last half of January blew by so fast. Does anyone else feel that way? It feels like 2017 might be the fastest year on record 😉

I’ve been reading Man Gone Down by Michael Thomas for a couple of weeks now, I picked that up for Diverseathon (a read-a-thon where the goal is to promote diverse books in “own voices”). Before I started reading Man Gone Down I was reading a guilty-pleasure book, True Canadian UFO Stories. I do enjoy me a good alien story (one of the stories I’m working on is a sci-fi alien invasion set 100 years into the future). I also recently started reading Skippy Dies. I don’t normally read many books at once, I like to consume them one at a time, but I had Skippy Dies on reserve at the library, and it’s a high request read so I only have two weeks then it’s due back, which means the other two books are on hold while I devour this one. Honestly, I’m not enjoying Skippy Dies so far, due to some of the racist and LGBT profanity used. I’ll keep you posted on those…What are you currently reading?


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