March Readathons #IIReadathon#readorama #borrowathon

I’m taking part in three readathons in March because I’ve completely lost my mind. I have been sent books to review, and am hoping that these will cross-over to satisfy the reading challenges!

The Impromptu Informal Readathon is taking place this week #IIReadathon -and this is an easy going, non-challenge readathon, where the goal is just to read more. Gotta love those!

#Readorama March 12th-18th has 7 challenges:
1. Rama in the title or author name
2. Animal on the cover
3. Main Characters initial starts with your initial
4. Has Irish elements
5. Involves either mental or physical illness
6. Starts a series
7. Read a book blind (not knowing what it’s about)


#Borrowathon March 19th – 26th has 6 challenges:
1. Try before you buy
2. Graphic novel
3. new to me author
4. recommended to me
5. favourite colour on the cover
6. book involves a library in some way



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