The Stonekeeper (Amulet Book 1) #spoilerfreebookreview

The Stonekeeper, graphic novel by Kazu Kibuishi, has a great story, beautiful illustrations, and fantastic characters. It’s the first book of the Amulet series, which has seven books so far, and apparently the author is working on book eight and nine. This series is great for about eight years old and up – there are some intense scenes where the father dies (happens in the first few pages so not a spoiler), so might not be appropriate for every one.

Emily, her brother Navin, and their mother Karen move to Emily’s great-grandfather’s house just outside the city called Norlen, two years after Emily’s father, David, died in a car crash. Emily’s great-grandfather Silas Charnon disappeared, leaving behind an old house filled with secrets. Emily finds an amulet – spurring a fast-paced adventure to Alledia, an alternate version of Earth, that is filled with monsters and robots. My favourite character is Miskit – a cute little pink bunny robot. My kids are ten years old and almost eight years old, and both enjoyed these books so much that they have read each book at least two times. I’m also looking forward to finishing the series – and reading books eight and nine when they are published.

the stonekeeper



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