Fantasy Book Bingo 2017

I’m really excited to have found out about the Fantasy Book Bingo. It’s a great way to encourage literacy, share and discover fantasy books and authors. I’ll be updating this page throughout the year.

Fantasy Book Bingo card below 😉

Find out more here:

Fantasy Book Bingo 2017.jpg

My Progress:

  1. Any r/Fantasy Goodreads Group “Book of the Month”
  2. Graphic Novel or Audiobook
  3. Novel Featuring Time Travel – Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs √
  4. Fantasy Novel published in 2017
  5. An Author’s Debut Fantasy Novel
  6. Non-Fiction Fantasy Related Book
  7. Fantasy Novel on “To be read” list for over a year
  8. Award Winning Fantasy Novel
  9. Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic/Dying Earth
  10. r/Fantasy Big List 2016 Under-read/Under-rated
  11. Horror Novel
  12. Fantasy Novel featuring a Desert setting
  13. Re-use any r/Fantasy Bingo Square
  14. Self-published fantasy novel
  15. Fantasy Novel featuring non-human Protagonist – The Only Child by Andrew Pyper √
  16. Sequel: not the first book in the series
  17. Novel by an r/Fantasy AMA(Ask me anything) Author or Writer of the Day
  18. Fantasy of Manners
  19. Fantasy Novel Featuring Dragons
  20. New Weird
  21. Fantasy Novel Featuring Seafaring
  22. Steampunk
  23. Five Fantasy Short Stories
  24. Novel by an author from an r/Fantasy Author Appreciation Post
  25. Getting Too Old For This Crap: Fantasy Novel featuring an older (50+) Protagonist

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Book Bingo 2017

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