9 Ways to Find More Time to Read

Have you ever said, “I wish I had more time to read”? Then this post is for you. Reading more has helped me in a lot of ways, and I’d like to help others feel better too 😉


To learn more about the benefits of reading check out my post from yesterday.

1. Pick books that you’ll like, that way you’ll be interested and motivated to keep reading. Here is my April Reading Wrap Up

Book Recommendations for May 2017: Contemporary

For the #GilmoreGirls fan who doesn’t know what to read next…

Spring Reading #BookTag

reading 4.jpg

2. Short books are a great way to get over a reading slump.

3. Another great way to get over a slump, or get into reading, is graphic novels. I never read any until this past year, and I gotta admit, they are fantastic.

graphic novels

4. Read the book that inspired one of your favourite movies or tv shows.


5. Although I’ve never listened to an audio book, I’ve heard from many bookish friends that they read them regularly. You can listen while you cook, clean, drive to work, or even while exercising.

audio book


6. Joining Goodreads got me back into reading, helped me make new reader-friends, and find awesome books that I would enjoy.

Add me on Goodreads!

7. Bring a book with you everywhere you go. I bring a book with me when I leave the house (sometimes my KOBO, sometimes an actual book). Anytime I find myself waiting for someone or something, I get a few pages in. Just the other day my Dr was running late, but I kinda enjoyed it because I was reading The Lonely Hearts Hotel.

Reading 2

8. It’s not just kids that benefit from a bedtime routine. Step away from screen/tech, get cozy in bed, and read. When I read before bed I always fall asleep easier, and stay asleep longer.

9. MAKE THE TIME. Take time away from Facebook, Twitter, TV, and spend it on reading.

Happy reading!





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