Wyrd Sisters #FirstChapterFirstParagraph

I’m currently reading Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett. It is May’s book of the month for r/fantasy on Reddit’s Fantasy Book Bingo Challenge. Here is the first chapter, first Paragraph (and a bit).

“The wind howled. Lightning stabbed at the earth erratically, like an inefficient assassin. Thunder rolled back and forth across the dark, rain-lashed hills.

The night was as black as the inside of a cat. It was the kind of night, you could believe, on which gods moved men as though they were pawns on the chessboard of fate. In the middle of this elemental storm a fire gleamed among the dripping furze bushes like the madness in a weasel’s eye. It illuminated three hunched figures. As the cauldron bubbled an eldritch voice shrieked: ‘When shall we three meet again?'”

Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett

wyrd sisters.jpg


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