The Essex Serpent #FirstChapterFirstParagraph

The Essex Serpent Written By Sarah Perry First Chapter, First Paragraph "A young man walks down by the banks of the Blackwater under the full cold moon. He's been drinking the old year down to the dregs, until his eyes grew sore and his stomach turned, and he was tired of the bright lights and … Continue reading The Essex Serpent #FirstChapterFirstParagraph


Currently Reading #FridayReads

I'm thoroughly enjoying The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry. The wonderful Simon from "Savidge Reads" has been recommending this book for as long as I've been watching his Youtube videos. When I discovered my local library didn't have a copy, I asked them to order one, and they did! I'm on page 191, and loving … Continue reading Currently Reading #FridayReads

Wyrd Sisters Spoiler-Free Book Review

Wyrd Sisters (Discworld #6) by Terry Pratchett Originally published: 1988 A magical/paranormal, science fiction fantasy comedy, inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth, Hamlet, and King Lear. Goodreads blurb: "Kingdoms wobble, crowns topple and knives flash on the magical Discworld as the statutory three witches meddle in royal politics. The wyrd sisters battle against frightful odds to put … Continue reading Wyrd Sisters Spoiler-Free Book Review

Things I watched on Netflix: May 2017 #BeyondTheBooks

The Loft "Five married guys conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city--a place where they can carry out hidden affairs and indulge in their deepest fantasies. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare when they discover the dead body of an unknown woman in the loft, and they realize one of the group … Continue reading Things I watched on Netflix: May 2017 #BeyondTheBooks

#FirstChapterFirstParagraph Outlander

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon "It wasn't a very likely place for disappearances, at least at first glance. Mrs. Baird's was like a thousand other Highland bed-and-breakfast establishments in 1945; clean and quiet, with fading floral wallpaper, gleaming floors, and a coin-operated hot-water geyser in the lavatory. Mrs. Baird herself was squat and easygoing, and made … Continue reading #FirstChapterFirstParagraph Outlander