Beach Day

I haven’t really blogged about my life activities the past couple of years, and maybe no one even wants to read this! haha! Let me know if you’d like me to do blog posts like this one more often.

Yesterday, my family and I hit up the beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park. The drive took about an hour, and although the long drive is slightly annoying (especially when you get stuck behind a tractor going 30km/hour in a 80km/hour zone who for some reason didn’t pull over and let the fifty cars behind him pass), it truly was a beautiful drive.

After parking we had a barefoot walk in the white hot sand up over a small hill, then down to the beach that stretched as far as my eye could see. The sound of the water splashing shore, wind through the trees, children playing, were overwhelming, yet calming at the same time. The smell of sunblock sucked me back to the present moment, reminding me we all needed to lather up.

The weather at the beach was super hot, and sunny. We saw some clouds North of us, and on the radar could see that a rain storm was just passing us by. When we got home later we saw the ground was soaked, and according to some friends on Facebook there was quite the downpour in our little town. For middle of the day on a Thursday there was a lot more people than I expected to be at the beach. Next to us there was a family who I believe were speaking Spanish. On my walk down to the water I also heard Italian, and while swimming I heard many people speaking French. It was cool to hear so many different languages and see people from all different walks of life together enjoying the beautiful summer day. Everyone was smiling at each other and all you could feel is pure happiness. For a moment I thought, “This is what peace on Earth would feel like if everyone could just get along”.

Sandbanks 2017 (3).jpg


Sandbanks 2017 (2)

Me, with hubby & kids in water

The shade under the trees along the edge of the white sandy beach was the perfect area for a ginger like me to enjoy a book after swimming. I read the first couple of chapters of The Drawing of the Three (Book 2 of the Dark Tower series) by Stephen King. It picks up just seven hours after the last book left Roland, the Gunslinger, following his encounter with the man in black.

Sandbanks 2017 (4).jpg

How is your summer so far? Have you had a beach day?

Sandbanks 2017 (1).jpg


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