Excerpt from my story “Rogue’s Hollow”

I'm working on a Paranormal Horror Story for Nanowrimo, here is an excerpt. (unedited, first draft) "The trees in the backyard are enormous. They’ve been here for ages. Have seen the years roll by, families come and go. Their extended limbs and leaves, have watched the rise and fall of Rogue’s Hollow. It was once … Continue reading Excerpt from my story “Rogue’s Hollow”


#BorrowAThon Haiku about Dark Matter

I'm taking part in #BorrowAThon - a week where we read books which were borrowed from friends, the library, etc... Today the challenge is to write a Haiku about the book we are currently reading. I wrote my Haiku about Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. Jason Dressen snatched Wakes in a different world Where is … Continue reading #BorrowAThon Haiku about Dark Matter