Excerpt from my story “Rogue’s Hollow”

I’m working on a Paranormal Horror Story for Nanowrimo, here is an excerpt. (unedited, first draft)

“The trees in the backyard are enormous. They’ve been here for ages. Have seen the years roll by, families come and go. Their extended limbs and leaves, have watched the rise and fall of Rogue’s Hollow. It was once a bustling town with lots of businesses from what I’ve heard. They even had a paper mill, and a cheese factory. Stephen’s grandfather, Patrick, grew up around here, he raised all of his kids in the same house he lives in now. Patrick has told me quite a few stories about this old town, such as the fire that burned down half the village. There were once train tracks that came through town, the remnants of which have been turned into a walking trail. It will be nice to take a walk with the baby down the trail, through the woods. It’s quiet here, and smells better than the city. Well, except for when the wind turns and you can smell the cattle from the farm across the street, and chicken shit from the farm up the road.

As we drive down the main street, back up the hill towards Stephen’s Grandpa’s house, I can hear the river rushing, wind rustling in the large trees hanging over the road, birds chirping happily. After living in big cities for the past seven years it would probably do me some good to slow down and live here, at least for a little while. It seems like a great place to raise kids, and almost reminds me of my hometown. Except Rogue’s Hollow is much older, filled with history. I can’t wait to learn more about it, and learn of the secrets the big blue house holds.”

Written by Amanda Hartwick


#BorrowAThon Haiku about Dark Matter

I’m taking part in #BorrowAThon – a week where we read books which were borrowed from friends, the library, etc…

Today the challenge is to write a Haiku about the book we are currently reading. I wrote my Haiku about Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

Jason Dressen snatched
Wakes in a different world
Where is wife and son?


The Perfect Woman…Part 5

Xandra turned her flashlight on and walked into the woods. She had a vague idea of where the institute was after asking her mom about it. The four of them were walking through the woods for about twenty minutes when Xandra said, “Ah yes, here it is. Just as creepy as ever.”

perfect woman institute

Brittany’s mouth dropped. In front of them stood a two storey building that had bars on the windows, it looked two hundred years old, and had a big sign near the front doors that said “The Perfect Woman Institute.” Brittany gasped, “What are we doing here?”

Xandra smiled, “Well, Brittany, if you want to be in our clique you need to prove how brave you are. All of us have walked through the institute alone at midnight and now it’s your turn. So whadda ya say? Are you in?”

Brittany was torn. On the one hand she was petrified; wondering what would happen if she just ran home. The practical side of her concluded that there was no way these other girls have walked through that institute because when the teacher was talking about it today they seemed like it was the first they had heard of it.

“Yeah, of course I’m in. No problem,” Brittany smiled her biggest, bravest smile despite the feeling of nausea sitting in the pit of her stomach.

“Awesome! Go in the front doors, walk down to the end of the corridor, and flash your light in the window three times then come back out,” Xandra explained.

Brittany didn’t trust her voice so instead she nodded, smiling, and headed towards the front doors. One of the doors had fallen off so she walked through, turning her flashlight on. She was immediately hit with a sense of déjà vu. On the wall to her right there was a big poster that said “The Seven Commandments for The Perfect Woman”, beneath that it said: 1. Obey your husband, 2. Complete chores without complaint, 3. Provide sexual pleasure on demand, 4. Never yell, 5. Never speak unless spoken to, 6. Your husband may punish you as he sees fit, 7. Clothes must be modest.

A chill ran up Brittany’s spine. Her heart felt very sad thinking about all those women who were here, and all the lives that were taken. Taking a deep breath she kept walking down the corridor thinking if she can just make it to the end and back then she will gain the clique’s respect and be IN. She passed a few rooms that looked like administration offices, then, she found a room that didn’t look like a room she had ever seen before in her life. There was a steel table in the middle of the room and all kinds of tools hanging on the walls. Tentatively, she took a couple steps inside and realized those are not tools, they were torture devices. With a gasp she fell back and crawled out of the room on hands and knees. She felt like throwing up. My Great-Great-Great Grandma Holly was probably in that room at some point. She took a shaky breath, got to her feet, and continued on towards the end of the corridor.

The next room looked like a classroom. Curious, she went in. The books on the shelves had titles like, “How to cook the perfect meal”, “How to give the perfect back massage”, and a huge book on a table at the front that said, “How to be the perfect woman”. All of a sudden, she was hit with a vision; a man standing at the front of this classroom who was lecturing a class full of young women about rape. “There is no such thing as rape. A man is allowed to have sex with any woman at any time because women were a gift from the gods and are man’s property.” Most of the women in the class were nodding their heads, but a few had small frowns, one of them looked exactly like Holly. As the vision dissipated, Brittany was slammed back into reality with tears streaming down her face. Heart pounding she left the classroom quickly and decided to get to the end as fast as possible and get out of there.

To be Continued…

Written by Amanda Drover-Hartwick

The Perfect Woman…Part One

The Perfect Woman…Part Two

The Perfect Woman…Part 3

The Perfect Woman…Part 4

The Perfect Woman…Part 4

When the bell rang for lunch, Brittany was extremely happy to get a break from the constant whispering, and snickering in every class all morning. She had no idea where the cafeteria was, but figured if she followed the crowd she’d make it there. It didn’t take long for the smell of spaghetti sauce to reach her nose.

Brittany sat alone, twirled spaghetti noodles around her fork, and had just put it in her mouth when someone sat down beside her. She glanced over and almost choked – it was the leader of the clique girls. “Hi Brittany, my name is Xandra. That’s pronounced ZAUNDRAH in case you didn’t know.”

Brittany managed to swallow the mouthful of spaghetti and replied with a small “Hi”.

As the other two girls sat down across from Brittany, Xandra pointed at the one with brown hair and glasses and said, “That’s Chloe”. Xandra pointed at the third girl who had long blonde hair, “And that’s Willow”.

Brittany nodded and kept her head down. Avoiding eye contact seemed like the safest way to go.

Xandra crossed her legs, “So, what’s your deal anyways? Where are you even from?”

Glancing up at Xandra, Brittany mumbled, “New York”.

Xandra laughed, “Yeah right, you’re not from New York. You are way too shy and timid to be from New York City.”

Chloe and Willow laughed.

Brittany kept her mouth shut, wishing they would just leave her alone so she could finish her lunch, get through her last two classes, and go home.

Xandra put her arm around Brittany’s shoulders, “Listen, we are looking for a new girl to join our awesome group, we’d love to see if you would be the perfect fit.”

Brittany glanced at Xandra to try and see if she was lying or being sarcastic. Xandra had a big smile on her face and eyebrows raised slightly. It would be good to have some friends here, even if they aren’t the type of girls she normally hung out with. “Sure, that sounds like fun,” Brittany responded.

“Great, meet us at the playground by the woods at the end of Cashin Street at midnight tonight. Bring a flash light”, as Xandra stood up Chloe and Willow followed suit. “See you later Brit”!

After supper Brittany helped with the dishes and had a cup of tea with Grandma Fay. Flipping through photo albums she saw more pictures of Grandma Fay when she was little, Great-Grandma Gabrielle, Great-Great Grandma Scarlett, and Great-Great-Great Grandma Holly. It was truly uncanny how much Holly looked like Brittany.

Brittany said good night to her parents and Grandma Fay and headed up to her room to wait until they all went retired for the night so she could sneak out. Brittany has snuck out before, when they lived in New York City, but never to go into the woods. She tested her flashlight to make sure it worked and put new batteries in just in case.


The house became very still and quiet when everyone else went to bed. Brittany waited for twenty minutes before tip-toeing to her window, pulling it up, and climbing out. Turning on her cell phone she opened the GPS app and typed in “Cashin Street”.

It didn’t take long to get there. She sat on one of the swings to wait. Rogues Hallow was so quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of New York City. She couldn’t hear any horns honking, or sirens. Instead, she heard crickets, trees rustling in the evening breeze, and an owl. Brittany wasn’t sure if she had ever heard an owl hoot before. Even though she missed the city and her friends tremendously, she had to admit to herself that this was actually nice. Five minutes later, three figures could be seen down the road walking towards her. She wasn’t sure if she should feel relieved or nervous.

Xandra sauntered up and said, “Well, well, well, color me surprised. I honestly didn’t think you had it in ya New York. You have passed the first test. Follow me, and we’ll see if you can pass the second.”

To be Continued…

Written by Amanda Drover-Hartwick


The Perfect Woman…Part One

The Perfect Woman…Part Two

The Perfect Woman…Part 3

The Perfect Woman…Part 3

The next morning Brittany woke up, had a shower, got dressed, did her hair, looked in the mirror and took a deep breath. “You are a great and you will make new friends.” Her reflection didn’t respond.

Apple, Education, School, Knowledge, Apples, Red, Book

Arriving at school wasn’t nearly as chaotic as Brittany had imagined. The first day of school is normally really busy with excited students happy to see their friends, but this time everyone else already had a month to get into the routine and weren’t so happy to be at school this early in the morning. Her mom came with her to the office to make sure she was registered and get her schedule, gave her a big hug, and wished her luck. Brittany made her way to her first class, late of course, just like in the movies.

The teacher waved Brittany in, “Class, I would like to introduce Brittany Radford. Welcome Brittany we are happy to have you here. Please find a seat,” Mrs. Daniels gestured toward the seats.

Brittany gave a small nod and quickly found a seat. The eyes of all the other students were watching her every move. A group of three girls snickered, and whispered behind her. Brittany took a deep breath, and daydreamed about her friends back home. Her attention was suddenly snapped to the present when Mrs. Daniels said, “Over one hundred women were believed to have entered the institute, only twenty made it out alive.”

Was the teacher talking about the same institute her Grandma Fay told her about? Glancing at the board behind the teacher, the words “Perfect Woman Institute” were written in big letters with the dates 1888-1899, and “The Cult of Poseidon.”

Mrs. Daniels continued, “The Cult of Poseidon was a group of men who created the institute believing it to be a school where young women would be able to learn how to become the perfect woman. They would then be forced into arranged marriages. Some of their parents supported the idea, but the vast majority of women who were recruited were orphans. All of the women at the institute were tortured, many were raped, and over eighty women are believed to be either missing, or killed. The government shut the institute down in 1899. You can read more about the institute in Chapter twelve, and then write a report comparing their idea of the perfect woman to what you think our society considers the perfect woman today. Thank you for your attention, class dismissed.” Just then the bell rang.


As Brittany stood up and started gathering her things, she was knocked over. She didn’t need to turn around to know it must be the girls who were snickering behind her the entire class.

A stuck up girl’s voice confirmed her suspicion. “Nice shoes Brittany.”

The three girls brushed past her, glancing back to give her the nasty eye. Brittany waited a few seconds before making her way to the door. She hoped and prayed those girls weren’t in her next class.

To be continued…

Written by Amanda Drover-Hartwick

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The Perfect Woman…Part Two

After supper Grandma Fay invited Brittany to come look at picture albums over tea while Uther and Elizabeth washed up the dishes.

“Your Dad is a good man Brittany”, Grandma sighed as she sat down next to me on the couch.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Uther has always helped your mom with the household chores that many men consider a woman’s job. He respects her, and encourages her work, striving for equality for women.”

Brittany looked away, thinking of her father in a new way.

“Here, look at this picture of your mom when she was little. And that, is my mother, your Great-Grandmother Gabrielle,” Grandma Fay said with a smile on her face.

No matter how many times she saw a picture of her mother when she was younger, Brittany was always surprised at how much she resembled her. In fact, all of the women on her mother’s side looked a lot alike.

“Your Great-Grandmother Gabrielle also tried to improve equality for women. Her mother, Scarlett, told Gabrielle all about Scarlett’s mother, Holly, who was one of the survivors of that institute that was shut down, and that motivated her to want to help and improve the lives of women.”

Brittany glanced at her Grandma Fay, “What institute?”

“Oh yes”, Fay nodding her head, “You are too young to know the story of the institute.”

perfect woman institute

Just then Brittany’s parents walked in. “What are you two talking about?” her mom said and she plopped down on the couch next to Brittany.

Fay quickly said, “Nothing”, giving Brittany that don’t-tell-them-what-we-were-talking-about look. Brittany smiled.

Her dad laughed, “So, do you have everything you need for your first day of school?”

Brittany let out a loud sigh. “Please Dad, don’t remind me. I don’t have any friends, I don’t know my way around the school, and I don’t know any of the teachers either. Going to a new school really sucks.”

Elizabeth jumped up. “How about we make cookies then?”

Brittany laughed. That was her mom’s way of fixing everything – cookies.

To be Continued…

Written by Amanda Drover-Hartwick

The Perfect Woman…Part One

100 Years into the Future

The novel I am working on takes place 100 years in the future. Have you ever stopped to wonder what life will be like in the future? My grandchildren will hopefully still be alive in 100 years (that is once my kids grow up and have children). I often wonder what will their life be like. Earth has drastically changed the past 100 years. Heck, our lives have drastically changed the past two decades for that matter.

When I was kid we didn’t have the internet, and I’m only 34. Well, the internet was out there but I didn’t gain access or knowledge of it until my early teens. Nowadays, if we aren’t connected to Wifi or an internet source we feel cut-off from the world. We panic when we go to the store and forget our cell phone. “What if something happens?”

What have these changes done to us, as a society? What will our culture be like in 100 years?

Some things are certain: Ocean levels will rise, coastlines will be transformed, many animals will be extinct.But there are still so many other things to wonder about.

What gadgets will we invent? Will someone have a time traveling machine created? Will we have a colony living on Mars? What will we LOOK LIKE? Which genetic traits will be phased out?

Thinking of the grand scheme of things truly makes one quite humble, and helps to put things into perspective.

Sinister Abode Part 3

The basement is pitch- black. The first room is large, about a quarter the size of the upstairs. There are shelves on three of the walls with jars of…pickles? What is that? I creep closer for a better look. I gasp and jump back almost falling down. FINGERS! And the one next to that has what looks like a small lung. The one next to that a baby fetus! Shaking and sweating, I decide I’ve had quite enough.

“Waa waa”, the baby sounds like it’s just in the very next room. I’m going to grab that baby and get out of here so fast. As I run into the next room I stop immediately and see a chair, with a person sitting on it, and a white sheet covering them. It takes a moment to process what I’m seeing. I hear a mumbling from under the sheet. I look down at the feet that are kicking frantically and recognize Zack’s sneakers.

I whip the sheet off and see Zack with tape over his mouth. His hair is a mess and he has a black eye. I untie his hands, he pulls the tape off of his mouth, and wraps his arms around me.

“I’m so glad I found you! I woke up on the lawn and had no idea where I was! I’ve been following the sound of a baby crying all over this creepy house. Did you hear it?” Tears are streaming down my face, and I’m shaking all over my body. I feel like I’m going to be sick.

“Yes I have heard the baby and I heard you running all over the house! Are you okay?”

“Ya, I’m okay.” Pushing my hair back behind my ears I take a big breath and start to feel my heart rate slowing. “Zack, who did this to you”?

“Waa waa!” The baby starts to cry extremely loudly and both our heads whip to the right, but all we can see is a wall. Is the baby outside? I walk over to the wall and notice one of the bricks is slightly darker than the rest. I push on it and hear a click. A piece of the wall slips back from the wall. A quick look back at Zack, he nods his head, so I give it a nudge and the whole piece swings open.

At first the light is so bright I can’t open my eyes. I keep blinking through the big yellow spots and finally my vision clears. We’ve entered a huge room filled with tables, counters, microscopes, hospital beds, computers, and fridges.

“Waa Waa” I grab Zack’s hand and run into the room on the right. I have found Zack and now we will find the baby and get the hell out of here! Just as Zack enters the room the door slams behind him and we hear a click. NO! I run to the door and try to pull and push. It doesn’t budge.

Running my hands down my face I turn around to see Zack holding a small voice recorder.

“This is what has been making the baby sound Addison.” He clicks the play button, looks at me, and sure enough the sound of a wailing baby comes out.

“Well, don’t I feel like an idiot. Zack did you see who tied you up?”

Zack shakes his head.

I crumble to the ground with my head in my hands. What are we going to do? The tears are streaming down my face. I start sobbing uncontrollably. I feel Zack’s hands on my shoulders.

“It’ll be okay Addison. We’ll figure something out. Do you have your cell phone?”

I nod my head. “But the battery is dead”.

“Do you remember what happened?” Zack’s eyes are searching mine. It feels nice to stare into his eyes.

“No, the last thing I remember is driving in the car with you. Do you remember what happened?”

Zack stands up and walks across the room slowly. He faces the corner and put his hands up on the wall above his head.

With a quiet voice he says, “Yeah, I remember what happened.”

I jump up. “What happened? Did we get into a car accident?”

He shakes his head.

“Why are you being so quiet?”

A sigh and then “Addison, I’m not who you think I am.”

“What do you mean? Your name isn’t Zack?”

What is he talking about? Why is he being so weird?

Zack starts to breathe really deeply, making grunts, and funny noises.

“Zack, are you okay?”

“Stay away.”

As I back up to the door his whole entire body starts to shake. He digs his nails into the wall. His hair starts to grow longer! His skin begins to glow a dim blue. I take slow steps backwards until I’m up against the door, which abruptly opens and I fall back to the ground hitting my head. Hands grab both of my arms and pull me to my feet. I’m kicking and screaming as I am dragged across the room and forced onto one of the hospital beds. I look away from Zack and someone with a doctor’s mask is staring at me. The person straps my arms and legs to the bed.

“Try to remain calm Addison. We aren’t going to hurt you. We just need to finish the tests”, Zack said.

“We? What do you mean WE need to finish the tests?”

The masked person turns to Zack and pats him on the back. “Great job getting her back in here. I need to finish putting the chip in her neck.” It’s a woman. She has the prettiest voice I’ve ever heard.

She removes her mask and I can see that her skin is blue, with long silver hair, and the greenest eyes I have ever seen. She’s holding an extremely long needle.

“What are you doing with that? Don’t touch me! Stop!”

The needle drives into my abdomen and I scream so loudly it hurts my throat. As my vision is fading away I see Zack, watching us. He’s not stopping her. Why is he not stopping her? Darkness comes.

I hear a machine beeping every three seconds. It smells like hospital. I open my eyes and see that I am in a different room. This room looks like a regular hospital room.

I hear movement to my left and look over to see my Mom who jumps up and rushes over.

“Addison, sweet, you’re okay. Mom is here.”

“Mom, what are you doing here? Are you okay?”

She gives me a strange look. “Yes of course I’m okay. Hold on let me get the doctor.”

I reach out to stop her, but it’s too late. Panicking I try to sit up but my head is spinning.

A handsome man wearing a white lab coat walks into the room.

“Hello Addison, my name is Dr. Yark. How are you feeling?”

I lie, “I’m feeling fine. How did you get here?”

Dr. Reid laughs, “Well I work here. Do you know where we are?”

I search my mother’s eyes, then Dr. Reid’s.  A lump forms in the back of my throat.

Writing on my chart he says, “You are safe and sound at Memorial Hospital. Do you remember what happened?”

I feel as if my world is flipped upside down. Maybe someone outside heard me scream and they called the cops and they found me and brought me here.

“I’m not really sure if I remember what happened.”

“Well, we’ll have plenty of time to talk about that. We are keeping you for a couple days for observation to make sure you and the baby are okay.”

“Baby?” My hand gravitates to my stomach.

“Yes, Addison, you are 3 months pregnant.” Dr. Yark looks at me with concerned eyes. “You didn’t know?”

“Where is Zack? Is he okay?”

My mom is holding my hand, “Who is Zack?”

How does she not remember Zack? “Zack is my boyfriend that I have been seeing for almost a year.”

My mom and Dr. Yark share another concerned look.

“Your mom and I will be right back Addison. Just relax and have a drink of water.”

Am I going crazy? Am I really pregnant?

Tears roll down my face as my hands return to my stomach. All I can picture is Zack turning into that blue creature.


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Sinister Abode: Part 2

This is Part 2 of a short story I wrote called Sinister Abode. You can find Part 1 here: https://amandadroverhartwick.wordpress.com/2015/11/17/sinister-abode-part-1/


“I must be losing my mind. My forearm is stinging and red from pinching myself so many times. The baby is crying louder. PLEASE don’t make me go into that house. I hate old creepy houses. MY CELLPHONE! I’ll call for help! Where is my cell? It’s not in my back pocket where I normally keep it. I scan the ground and finally find it in the grass. My hands are shaking so badly I can barely press the button to turn it on. It’s not coming on.

“Shit. It’s dead.”

Maybe I should just run down the road and find help. I yell out Zack’s name again. I’m starting to sweat now in the cool autumn breeze. The baby starts crying louder. I’ll just knock on the door and see if anyone is home.

The wooden stairs squeak as I walk up to the front door. I knock on the door, it slowly swings open.

“Hello? Is there anyone home?” No answer. The baby is frantically crying in the room to my left. “Zack are you in here?”

I make my way into the room to my left towards the baby. Dust covers the sofa, and fireplace mantle. Above the fireplace is a large painting of a middle aged man, with short dark hair, straight lips, and holding a gun. His eyes follow me as I make my way to the doorway on my right. I walk through and see the dining room table with porcelain dolls sitting on each of the chairs facing my direction. I’ve never liked porcelain dolls. I can feel their eyes following me. I take the candle from the china cabinet. Darkness is coming. I’ll need this to have some light. I find a book of matches on the shelf and light the candle. The baby’s cries sound like they are coming from the next room. I go through the swing door and its hinges let out a high pitched squeak.


The kitchen is enormous, and the smell is absolutely rancid. The bananas on the counter look as if they have been there for months. My stomach is turning and I feel like I’m going to be sick. Why does the crying baby sound keep moving? Is the baby crawling around?


I run back into the dining room to see what the sound was and find one of the chairs tipped over. The porcelain dolls are all staring at me. Weren’t they facing the opposite direction before? Tingles start at my toes, work their way up my entire body, and finish with icy tentacles at the base of my neck reaching up to the top of my head.

Suddenly the baby is screaming! I run back into the kitchen, and go through the doorway on the right. It brings me into what looks like a library.

I feel something crawling on the back of my neck. Petrified, I wipe my neck and an enormous spider falls on the floor by my foot. Without hesitation I stomp on it and feel slightly satisfied. I look at my hand and see blood. I feel the back of my neck again and find a cut. What in the world? Did the spider do that? The baby starts to cry again and now the sound is coming from the main hall. I make a right through the doorway out into the hall and see something go around the corner at the top of the stairs.

“HELLO? Is someone there?” I feel like running away and crying. Should I just leave and go find help? If no one else is here the baby needs help, I can’t just leave it here alone. I hear footsteps upstairs and then the baby is screaming. The sound is piercing my ears and breaking my heart. I run up the stairs as fast as I can, taking them two at a time. I go into the first room. It’s the bathroom. The shower curtain moves slightly. I’m holding my breath waiting for what feels like an eternity.

“Maybe it’s the baby.” I think to myself.

I slowly reach my hand out, take hold of the curtain, quickly draw it across and jump back at the same time. It’s empty. I hear the faint sound of a baby crying. It’s coming from the heater vent. That’s why it keeps sounding like it’s coming from all over the house! The baby must be in the basement and the sound is carrying into the vents!

I run down the stairs, make a left down the hallway, then a right, and find myself at the top of the basement stairs. I can hear the baby crying very loudly. This is definitely where that poor baby is. Through my panting I yell out, “I’m coming baby! I’m on my way! Don’t worry!”

WHAT will she find in the basement? Stay tuned for Part 3…

Sinister Abode Part 1

I wrote a short story called Sinister Abode, for a writing contest a few months ago, after making the decision to get back to writing. It is my first piece of writing in over two decades other than my journals. Here is Part 1.

“Sinister Abode”

By Amanda Drover-Hartwick

“Sleep slowly fades away and almost immediately my head is pounding. I start to stretch and realize I’m not in my bed. Suddenly, I am aware that my face is pressed up against the grass. I open my eyes and sit up fast. UGH not a good idea, now my head is spinning. The sun is just starting to set. Why am I laying on the grass? How in the world did I get here? I’m trying hard to remember what happened and how I ended up here but I’m coming up blank. Ok, Addison – what is the last thing you remember? HEY! I remember I was driving in the car with Zack to the Halloween party. Where IS Zack?


I put both hands around my mouth and yell, “Zack”.


No response. I look around for the car but I don’t see it anywhere. I manage to get to my feet, turn around, and stumble back from shock. Standing before me is the house of my nightmares. It is a huge, old, house that has seen better days. A shiver runs up my spine and I feel as if the house is watching me. Did I just see something move in the upstairs window?


I can feel my heart pounding in my chest and notice I’ve been holding my breath.


I yell out Zack’s name again. I’m listening so hard for a response that I can hear my heart beating in my ears. My hands start shaking and I realize I am all alone, in front of this creepy house, no other houses in sight, and I have absolutely no idea how I got here. I start taking some deep breaths to calm myself down. I can feel my heart rate slowing and immediately hear a cry. What is that? Where is it coming from? Is that Zack? No it’s not Zack, it’s a BABY and it’s coming from inside the house.”

You can find Sinister Abode Part 2 here: https://amandadroverhartwick.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/sinister-abode-part-2/