Excerpt from my story “Rogue’s Hollow”

I’m working on a Paranormal Horror Story for Nanowrimo, here is an excerpt. (unedited, first draft)

“The trees in the backyard are enormous. They’ve been here for ages. Have seen the years roll by, families come and go. Their extended limbs and leaves, have watched the rise and fall of Rogue’s Hollow. It was once a bustling town with lots of businesses from what I’ve heard. They even had a paper mill, and a cheese factory. Stephen’s grandfather, Patrick, grew up around here, he raised all of his kids in the same house he lives in now. Patrick has told me quite a few stories about this old town, such as the fire that burned down half the village. There were once train tracks that came through town, the remnants of which have been turned into a walking trail. It will be nice to take a walk with the baby down the trail, through the woods. It’s quiet here, and smells better than the city. Well, except for when the wind turns and you can smell the cattle from the farm across the street, and chicken shit from the farm up the road.

As we drive down the main street, back up the hill towards Stephen’s Grandpa’s house, I can hear the river rushing, wind rustling in the large trees hanging over the road, birds chirping happily. After living in big cities for the past seven years it would probably do me some good to slow down and live here, at least for a little while. It seems like a great place to raise kids, and almost reminds me of my hometown. Except Rogue’s Hollow is much older, filled with history. I can’t wait to learn more about it, and learn of the secrets the big blue house holds.”

Written by Amanda Hartwick