A Tapestry of Tears #SpoilerFreeBookReview

A Tapestry of Tears is a collection of beautiful yet heart-breaking short stories from India.

A Tapestry of Tears

“Set in the early nineteenth century, A Tapestry of Tears is about female infanticide, and the unmaking of tradition. If a woman gives birth to a female child, she must feed her the noxious sap of the akk plant. That is the tradition, parampara. Veeranwali rebels, and fights to save her offspring.
The other stories span a spectrum of emotions and also bring to life the varied culture and social spectrum of India. Woven into this collection is the past and the present, despair and hope, and the triumph of the human spirit.”

Published 2016

The first story shares the same name as the book, A Tapestry of Tears. This story highlights a prevalent subject that I think many of us face which is the big question  – Should we choose love for our partner over family obligation?

Other stories talk about an elderly woman’s first day at an old age home, and the inner-struggle her family members have wondering if putting her in the home was the right thing to do. Reddy doesn’t shy away from big topics like terrorism, and discusses it’s impact in This Love Business. In Aalaya we are given a story about hope, family, perseverance, love, and hard work.

Division Into Two is another somber story about a tough women named Waseema, called Bibi by most, who lived through the violent Partition which divided Pakistan and India. Her brother, on his death bed, has sent his son Om to meet Waseema and beg for his forgiveness 53 years after he had betrayed her.

“…if a human being is divided with his body in one place and his heart in another, the sun of the parts does not make a whole”

The Empress’ New Gowns is a quirky story about two clothing designers coming to visit the Emperor, and end up teaching the Emperor and Empress a lesson on self-confidence.

Never Ever is about one of the toughest life events that too many of us face – divorce. It doesn’t just break up a family, it also breaks up friendships. I could relate to this one because my parents divorced when I was young, and now as an adult I have a few close friends who went through divorce/separation this year and it has caused big changes for our group of friends.

The other stories in this collection all tackle some of life’s toughest challenges. It’s amazing to realize that it doesn’t matter where you’re born, what religion you may follow, or how much money you have – we all face many of the same obstacles in life. We can choose to let them defeat us, or we can choose to find a way to thrive.

If you enjoy stories about family, hardships, life, and hope, I highly recommend you pick up A Tapestry of Tears. It’s available on Amazon.

Check out the author’s website: http://www.gitavreddy.com/